OLCC Licensed

Located in Polk County, Oregon

Serving all of Oregon

Providing fine organically grown cannabis for the recreational marketplace.


Organically Grown Cannabis


Started in 2016 by two friends, to provide high quality organically grown cannabis for the recreational marijuana market in Oregon.

Located in beautiful Polk County, between Yamhill Valley, the premier Oregon winery region, and the eastern flank of the Coast Range.

Our gardens are run by a master grower, with many years experience growing high quality marijuana in the Oregon climate zone, with it's unique challenges.

Located on a large family-farm, with productive oat crops, with a large apple-pear-asian pear orchard, and goats, chickens, dogs, cats.

The main greenhouse was built in 1972. 12,000 sq feet of tropical heaven - any day of the year!


Sativa: Sour Diesel, Trinity

Indica: Bubba Kush, Sweet Tooth

Indica and Sativa Hybrids: Blue Magoo, Gorilla Glue #4, Girl Scout Cookies, Headband, Huckelberry, Lemon Diesel, Pineapple Euphoria, Super Lemon Haze, Sweet Dream,

CBD dominant hybrids: AC/DC, Cannatonic, Harlequin, Harle-tsu, Tsunami

The Press:

Organically Grown

Wild Water, Locally Sourced

Low Carbon Footprint - We primarily use the SUN!

Oregon Native Owned

We Hire Veterans

The Photos: CLICK HERE - Coming soon